Thoughts Pt. 1

To much hatred. To much pain. So much death. This is the reality we live in. To many times have we as a people failed to speak out against injustice and tyranny, racism and oppression, poverty and homelessness. This is not acceptable. I am making my voice heard, and want to do something.

Most of you know that I try to keep my personal opinions off of Facebook. I’ll share articles and comment every once in a while, but I have not had a rant on Facebook in recent memory. My banner picture says “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence,” a quote by Argentinian author and poet Jorge Luis Borges. Well, I don’t know if this will improve the silence or just add to the noise, but I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut. My opinions are my own, and I hold to my right to have them.

On the issue of the sexual assault of the student by the swimmer: Seriously, what the hell. We can give a break to this person, let them get away with this and not give any justice to the victim?! Are we serious right now, because I don’t think we are. There is a lot of lip service on BOTH sides of the aisle right now about how we care for the victim or care about mental health, but sweet FA is being done about it, and the shit that should be done isn’t happening. such crap.

On the BLM movement: I stand behind this movement. I believe that their mission to root out the racism and bigotry that exists inside of some police forces is incredibly important. The men and women with these attitudes are examples of people who don’t need the power that being a cop comes with. Same goes for politicians with these attitudes, because hate does nothing but breed more violence.

On the Police forces of the United States: I believe that the majority of you are good people. You do your job, and the difficulty is something I do not doubt, and I fully support you in your occupation. You make the hardest decisions day in and day out, without a single doubt in my mind that you may regret some of those decisions, but that they were necessary to make. Thank you for protecting us as Americans at home.

On the above related issues: Both groups and the people that support them need to have meaningful conversations. Both groups need to be both internal and externally accountable to the other. Everybody needs to realize that tempers are a thing, and that they must be controlled. Violence is never the answer.

On the election: Yes, I do support some of the things that Bernie Sanders stood for. Yes, there is a “Birdie” sticker on my laptop. I do not, however, think he has any chance in hell at getting elected, even if you write him in (because that’s not how the election system works!) I do however agree with the statement that a vote not for Hillary is a vote for Drumpf. As much as it sucks, and as much as I respect your right to vote for whoever you want to, I really don’t want a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, bankrupt asshole who can’t keep his story straight as a president. You may not trust her, but at the moment, she’s your only choice. The libertarians have no way to win this election, and any independents that might be running probably won’t even show up on the ballot. We know who Hillary is. We know what she has done. But just because you don’t trust her (because, let’s be honest, who trusts the person they vote for) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for her. She has the experience, the expertise, and the knowledge to do her job.

On the e-mail scandal: You know, what she did was wrong. The FBI, however, has recommended not prosecuting her. Why? Because the punishment is administrative, not criminal.  Yes, she sent some classified data over unsecured e-mails, meaning out of 30,000 emails, 110 were classified, and far fewer were top secret. let’s be generous and assume that 1/4 of the 110 were top secret. 27. 27 out of 30,000 emails. .001%. good Lord above, let’s not make this bigger than it is.