Forgotten Worlds

So I’m a little late, but I started writing this on the 7th, and it’s probably already the eighth, so that is my explanation for the time difference.

So while I was messing around on the internet today, I remembered that it was Pearl Harbor day, thanks to a little reminder one of my friends had posted on Facebook. After taking a second to reflect, and having essentially a moment of silence, I began to think:

Why would I have to be reminded of this day?

I’m a history major who loves WW2, and yet I still had to be reminded multiple times throughout the day about what it was. I was shocked at myself. I would never forget 9/11 would I? Would I?

The question to that is simple yet has a fairly deep concept behind it. Time. I can’t really remember 9/11, but I was alive then. I was not alive, however, during the attack on Pearl Harbor. I can easily find people who remember what they were doing and when they heard the news about 9/11, but with PH, it’s a little bit harder. I would have to actively search for someone who was alive and was old enough to remember such a time. And finally, we are bombarded with what is essentially propaganda during the day of 9/11. You see signs such as “Never Forget” or pictures of the attacks on daily channels, news channels, popular channels. However, with PH, It has sunk so far back into our national history that we no longer hang up banners, remembering those that fought for us and died on this awful day. We don’t spend a moment in silence in remembrance of the service members that fought both in the pacific and the European theaters. The most that you will probably find on the subject would be the Smithsonian Channel, the Military History channel, and maybe, maybe, MAYBE, the History Channel (which shouldn’t be called such anymore).

I believe this is what will happen: that eventually, the world of Pearl Harbor and the world of the 9/11 attacks will eventually fade completely, remembered only in history books, a small, humble monument in the harbor, and big, flashy lights in the New York skyline.

If we don’t talk about it.

Keep in mind that the veterans of such a time are dying off. many of those who survived the attack by the Japanese are in their 90’s and 100’s. We need to record their stories as best we can, and continue to remember those who sacrificed for the sake of freedom from oppression.

Now I don’t mean to downplay 9/11. On the contrary, please, remember. But let’s put a little more effort into our older history, or even have the same amount of effort put into remembering the day that will live in infamy. Let us take a moment of personal reflection, and remember.