Hello, thought I forgot about this? Well you thought WRONG!

If anybody has conversed with me recently, they’ll know I’ve been under a lot of stress. School, being an RA, being involved with my campus ministry (or attempting to), and everything else. Life has been, for lack of better terms or expressions, shitty. life has pretty much sucked. However, I continue to remember, or try to remember, the little things in life. Things mainly involved with people, such as patience, self-control, and love.

Wow, strong word love. There is a lot of meaning behind something like that, with the theological and practical descriptions spanning generations as each tries to define it in its own way. The new phrase I have encountered is “Love your neighbor as your selfie” meaning exactly what it sounds like. However, I think we need to be reminded of the fact that not only do we have to love ourselves and those we like, but those that drive us insane. The ones that hurt us and tear us down deserve just as much care and love as the next person.

“But why?” you ask, “They’ve been a terrible person! They’ve done X and Y and (sometimes) Z to me! Why should I have to love them?”

Because we all screw up. Yes, even you person asking the question, even you. While perfection is something attainable, it is not the standard definition of perfection. This perfection has to do with love (see, full circle. good job will). The LOVE that you show may not seem like it’s making a difference to those who hurt you, or disagree with you, or even just don’t know you. The fact is: if you show someone love, they could be more likely to show love to someone else. By attempting to show that everyone is worthy of some sort of legitimate affection, even if it’s just a sincerely asked “How’re you today?”, you show that you care. You may not LIKE the person you’re talking to, you may not even enjoy their company, but the main thing is you love them. You love them by putting up with the annoying. You love them by being with them. If their angry with you, take a step back and let them calm down. I you’re angry with them, take a step back and calm down. Don’t approach them with an attitude of hate.

If they’re sad, give them a hug.

If you’re sad, ask someone for a hug.

If they’re happy, share in their happiness, don’t shoot them down if you don’t care.

If you’re happy, try to share it with someone. If they shoot you down, tell someone else. Eventually, someone will be happy with you.

By learning that love, not just romantic or friendly love, but love of the unlovable, of the ones who keep you from happiness, is the way for keeping each other from complete insanity, then we can all get through the crazy, impossibly busy, “Ineedfivemorehourstodoeverythingontime” thing called life together. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, in one piece.


UPDATE: The other night, I saw a pizza delivery woman walking back from a delivery, looking like she had had the worst day ever. I thought about it, and asked her how she was. She shook off my first attempt at asking, so I asked again. She said she was doing okay, and climbed in her car. I turn my back to the car, expecting it to drive off, when I hear┬áher say. “Hey, thanks for asking! It really means a lot.”

Now I don’t share that story to brag. on the contrary, I don’t like sharing stories of that matter because I don’t want to get a big head about the little good things I do. But I thought it was a good example of how love really can help a complete stranger with something, how a simple question can mean the world to someone.