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Month: September, 2014

The best laid plans of mice and men……. Just might work out

As an RA, I get the privilege of listening, watching, and seeing my residents think and create. sometimes, it’s with their social lives, sometimes the psychological, and sometimes their scholarly. But sometimes, I get to be included in this development, and it always makes for an interesting time to hear what they have to say. Not 30 seconds ago, I was sitting in a residents room, discussing various sorts of things, when the idea for a program began to manifest itself. Now this program that they propose would take months of planning and prep, but they didn’t seem to mind. They talked about ideas to present to the student organizations on campus, ideas to keep the dream they had alive. While this was being discussed, I could see their faces light up and begin to get excited at 1 in the morning about this idea they had, and this caused something. 

It caused me to become truly excited for their purpose. I wanted in.

This was something they came up with, so I mostly stood back, offering the paperwork side of it and told them to get some kind of proposal together to present to my bosses, hall council, RSA (resident student association), and an assorted amount of people. But just to be associated with something that I couldn’t have thought of on my own in a million years brought me joy, and inspired me to start the cogs turning within the great bureaucracy that is college departments.

This is what I love about being an RA. Not the paperwork, not the meetings, not the planning, but the creativity that comes out of the residents on my hall. The ideas, the plans that manifest themselves in a million ways, this is what I live for: to help the others live their dream any way I can. Moral support, settling disputes, and yes, even paperwork. I love helping people come together in a community, as a FAMILY and supporting each other in any way possible. 

That is what I want out of this job. An opportunity to help others. And this is just one of the many ways I can do that. 


“Tell the truth and run.”

I am not a big calendar person. Literally, I don’t like the ginormous desk calenders that they sell at Office Depot or whatever. But in order to keep track of the date, I have this tear-away calender by the amazingly brilliant people at Despair.com. Anywho, the thing that the author does for Thursdays is called “A Thought For Thursday”. Today’s thing is the quote from a Yugoslavian Proverb, which also is being used as the title above. Convenient, isn’t it? 

Anyway, the point of the post.

I saw it and immediately a thought came to my mind: Am I afraid of the truth? My own answer; No. I will treat people the way I want to be treated, and I would much rather somebody tell me the cold, hard truth right to my face then have them try to work around it. 

So now that I had that question answered, another one popped into my head. Am I afraid of the consequences the truth brings? A little harder answer, and I think is far more important than the above question. Am I afraid of the aftermath. Honestly and truly, it depends on the nature of the truth. Is it one that is going to help someone live, or is it one that will lead to a further argument, coming out of the realm of truth and into the area of tempers and feelings? Is it one where the separate parties come away with more, or with less than they started with? 

I return to my first question for this point, because it essentially boils down to this: Tell the truth. 

No matter what, the truth is your best way out. regardless of the aftermath and the fallout or furthering of relationships. “little white lies” are still those, lies. Not half truths and it’s not twisting the facts. They are still lies. 

Now when going on about the truth it is important to remember how to present the truth. You can’t be angry when presenting it, you will allow your own emotions and feelings to be present in the oncoming storm. You must remain calm the entire time you speak with whomever, allowing instead of the guise of “cold, hard fact”, introduce it as a warm consideration. Don’t sugar coat and beat around the bush, but don’t be an ass about it. Hard to do, and I also have a hard time doing it as well, but I figure that all of this is something the human race works on together. cooperating with each other even after we know the truth. How we do it is confusing to me, but somehow we’re still around to laugh, cry, and love with one another. And that works fine by me.